Know all about the Right Time to Grill Meat

Know all about the Right Time to Grill Meat

Most people who are new to barbecuing and grilling run into some problems along the way. Eventually, as you make mistakes you learn quite quickly how to grill and what not to do as well.

 What should be done before throwing the meat on the grill?
Before you start cooking, it is always a good idea to spray the area you plan to cook on with a nonstick cooking spray. You don’t want the meat to stick to the grill when you are trying to flip it or take it off the grill. There is a lot that you lose when the meat tears. You will see juices pouring out and it can make the meat dry out. Before you put any of the food on the grill, you have to ensure that the grill is the right temperature. The reason for this is that fluctuations in temperature may cause the food to burn or dry out. If you are using a charcoal grill; make sure that coals are grey before putting your meat on the grill. This makes sure that the temperature is consistent and most of the lighter fluid has burned off.

 Tips to remember while grilling:

  • Don’t ever try to cook meat when it is still frozen to any degree. You should thaw the meat out by letting it sit out for 12 to 24 hours before cooking it. Another way involves throwing it in the microwave. If the meat you plan to cook is not frozen and in the refrigerator, then just take it out and let it get to room temperature.
  • Don’t place cooked meat on the same plate that it was on when raw. Doing something like this could cause people to get sick. Of course, the same thing applies when using utensils.
  • While cooking your meat, don’t poke holes in it. Some think it makes the meat more tender, but what it does is allow the juices to drain out. This is a good way to ruin your grill while making your food dry at the same time.
  • Leave the grill lid shut for as long as you can after putting the meat on the grill. Every time that you open the grill, you change the temperature that the food is cooking at. The airflow can also work to dry out the meat.
  • Higher heat doesn’t always mean better results. It might cause the food to burn and dry out.

It is necessary to keep these pointers in mind before you throw the meat on the grill, as it will help to improve your cooking skills.

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