Here are some cool grilling facts

Here are some cool grilling facts

When it comes to firing up the grill, there are plenty of cool and interesting facts that make cooking outdoors so unique and enjoyable. Here are just a few of the many grilling facts that you might find surprising or perhaps not depending on how much you enjoy cooking food on your grill.

Hamburgers are the Most Popular Food for Grilling

The ever-popular hamburger is easily the most popular food on the BBQ. It’s easy, quick, and quite tasty when cooked on the right grill. Next in line is steak, followed by hot dogs and chicken. Potatoes are the most popular of side dishes that are prepared on grills. Of course, there are many different meals that can be prepared on the grill, but these favorites are still on top.

48% of Grill Owners Use Their Grills the Year-Round

According to the HPBA 2012 survey, almost half of grill owners will fire up their grill any day of the year. This means they do not limit themselves to the summer months and 33% will use their grill even when it is below freezing outside. Stay warm, winter grill enthusiasts!

First President

George Washington kept track of his activities during his lifetime and he wrote of attending a barbecue in 1769, well before the American Revolution took place. While Washington did misspell the word “barbecue”, there is little doubt to what he meant.

July 4th is the Most Popular Day to BBQ

It’s probably not surprising that the 4th of July is the most popular day to fire up the grill. In fact, nearly 71% of those surveyed said that Independence Day was the their most popular. Coming in second is Memorial Day and Labor Day is close behind in third place. Canada Day is the most popular for BBQ in the great nation of Canada.

Long-Handled Tongs are the Most Popular BBQ Utensil

While it might be the stylish design or easy handling of the food, the popularity of long-handled tongs is most likely because they keep your hands away from the heat of the grill. Of the many other utensils that are used, forks are next in line probably because they are plentiful and handy while long-handled spatulas arrive in third place.

May 16th

While July 4th is the most popular day for lighting up the barbeque, May 16th is officially recognized as “National Barbeque Day”. Both May 16th and July 4th are recognized as National Barbeque Days.

Origin of the Name Barbeque

While the name barbeque comes from the Spanish word, “barbacoa”, there is no definitive source on where the actual word originated. One of the leading theories is that it comes from the Taino people who live in the Caribbean in which the name means a “framework of sticks on posts”. However, there is some dispute to this theory, so no one really knows where the name came from for sure.

There are many cool grilling facts about this incredible tradition that keeps going the year-round in all sorts of conditions.


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