How to Clean Grates, Burners, and Inner Grill Cabinet

How to Clean Grates, Burners, and Inner Grill Cabinet

When it comes to keeping your grates, burners, and inner grill cabinet clean, the first step is to understand the material in which they are made from and use the appropriate tools and techniques so you do not cause any damage. The good news is that keeping your grill clean can be done with relatively little effort if you clean after each use.


Most grates are made from iron, stainless steel, or porcelain with each type having its own unique set of tools and techniques for cleaning. However, one simple method that works on all three and does not require scrubbing is the following;

  • Mix 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of baking soda
  • Put mixture into a garbage bag
  • Put the grates in the garbage bag, seal, and let it sit overnight
  • Remover the grates the next day and rinse them off with water
  • Pat dry

If you do this after each use, you can keep your grates clean and will rarely have to scrub. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the appropriate brush for the material that the grates are crafted from and follow the instructions.


If you are noticing that the burners are not cooking your food evenly or properly, you may need to clean the burner itself. For gas and propane burners, you will need to shut off and separate them from the gas so they will be ready to clean.

Next, use a burner cleaning rod, which is a device that is specially made to brush out the debris buildup along the burner tube. It’s a slow process, but you will need to clean each hole in the tube so that the gas can properly flow. Afterwards, use a wire-brush to scrub the outside of the burner to remove all the food debris and buildup.

Inner Grill Cabinet

Cleaning out the cabinet is usually the last step before wiping down the outside of your grill. You will need to empty the cabinet and clean all the parts separately first. Then, use the appropriate cleaners and tools that will remove the debris without scratching the material. A mixture of vinegar and water, just like you used to clean the grill can be put into a spray bottle to cover the inside of the cabinet before cleaning.


Here are a few tips that will help you in keeping your grill clean and looking like new, even if you use it frequently.

  • Porcelain grills are quite delicate, so be sure that you use brushes that are soft and do not scratch the material.
  • Clean after every use and wipe down the outside last so that it takes away whatever remaining grease or debris is left.
  • After cleaning, open your grill and let it dry out so that the moisture does not settle on metal parts which might cause rust to form.
  • Keep all your cleaning products in a kit and set it near the grill so they can be used after you are finished grilling

All it takes is a few minutes of cleaning after you have completed cooking to keep your grill looking new. A little work after each use goes a long way towards protecting your investment.

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