BeefEater Signature Premium 32-Inch 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill On Cabinet Trolley Cart W/ Shelves (Ships As Propane With Conversion Fittings)


Powerful cast stainless steel burners are built to last

Reliable quartz start ignition does not require batteries

Stainless steel vaporizer grid reduces flare-ups and vaporizes drippings, creating flavor enhancing smoke

Built-in side burner is ideal for heating up BBQ sauces or side dishes

Comes with a standard griddle that replaces 1 section of grill grates

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Product Description

BeefEater is a top choice for BBQ enthusiasts who want a grill with a proven, reliable ignition system, commercial quality construction and high heat output. This BeefEater natural gas grill features heavy-duty, 304 grade stainless steel grill grates made from 10mm thick stainless steel rods which are rugged and easy to clean. The removable grill hood is angled, which creates a convection effect so your meals will get that chargrilled flavor without drying up. BeefEater makes it easy to monitor your food with a glass window built right into the hood. Four solid cast stainless steel burners deliver a total of 72,000 BTUs of extremely high heat for a restaurant quality cooking performance. This BeefEater grill also features a standard 1/4-inch thick griddle that replaces one section of the grill grates. An innovative Quartz Start Ignition technology system ensures long life and trouble free starting with no worries. Stainless Steel vaporizer grid and high heat anti-flare systems are designed to vaporize juices immediately as the they fall through the grill. BeefEater Signature Plus Cabinet Trolley Cart includes 2 side shelves, 19,900 BTU side burner, 2 storage baskets and telescopic towel rack.

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