22″ Rectangular Stainless Steel Pan Burner w/ Remote ON/OFF Safety Pilot – Natural Gas


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22″ Rectangular Stainless Steel Pan Burner with Remote On/Off Safety Pilot Kit (Natural Gas)

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening with close friends and relatives is to sit around a warm, burning fireplace enjoying refreshments and lovely conversations. If your customers think setting up such an event is too demanding, tell them about our 22″ rectangular stainless steel pan burner with remote on/off safety pilot kit for natural gas applications.

Our DIY 22″ rectangular pan burner with remote on/off safety pilot kit makes setting up a warm fireplace display a breeze! Each burner kit comes complete with:

22″ Rectangular Stainless Steel Pan Burner – Our ultra-stylish 22″ rectangular pan burner has been designed to fit comfortably into your customers’ fireplace and deliver a brilliant flame which is clean and free from any harmful emissions. Each pan includes a built-in high quality H-burner with drilled holes which minimize any whistling noises during operation. Made of high quality stainless steel, this burner pan will not sustain any damage when exposed to high temperatures or harsh weather.

Remote On/Off Safety Pilot (Natural Gas) – Our On/Off safety pilot kits are designed for use with our H-burners and pan burners and are used for turning on and off the flame. The kit uses a thermocouple standing pilot system. As a safety precaution, the system’s thermocouple only allows gas to flow into the main burner if a flame is detected. If no flame is detected, the flow of gas is turned off via the main gas valve. It includes a custom mounting bracket to adapt to different burner types.

Remote – This On/Off safety pilot comes with a convenient remote, so you can turn your burner on and off with ease.

Fittings & Accessories- Each pan burner kit also comes with a 16″ whistle free flex line for easy attachment to a natural gas supply and all the fittings necessary to light an awesome fire.

Installation is easy! Your customers just need to throw on some fire glass, sit back and enjoy the gorgeous display…

22″ Rectangular Stainless Steel Pan Burner with Remote On/Off Safety Pilot Kit (Natural Gas) Specifications

Material: Hand crafted in the USA with high quality stainless steel

Description: Rectangular stainless steel burner pan with remote on/off safety pilot (natural gas)

Style: Contemporary

Color: Stainless steel

Fuel Type: Natural gas

Width: 22″

Depth: 10″

Height: 4″

Weight: 14 lbs

Location: Indoor and outdoor

For Use In: Vented natural gas burning fireplace ONLY.

Unique Feature: Simple and efficient to use

Fire Glass Capacity: 20 Lbs (not included)

Recommended Use: For best results, use with 1 – 2 inches of fire glass

Heat rating: 75,000 B.T.U/Hour rating.

Warranty: 5 year manufacturer warranty

ON/OFF Safety Pilot w/Remote Specifications

Description: Safety pilot kit for natural gas applications

Weight: 5 Lbs

Product Type: Safety pilot kit

Location: Indoor ONLY

Use in: Natural Gas Applications ONLY

Remote control: Optional

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