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BBQIslandSupply is a leading provider of outdoor BBQ kitchens and grill equipment. We also provide fireplace and fire pit media from manufacturers such as American Fire Glass. American Fireglass is one of the world’s leading makers of fire glass. They make recycled fire glass, fire beads, eco-friendly fire glass, zircon fire glass and much more, in a variety of colors and styles. Fire glass enhances the look and feel of an old fireplace or fire pit. It can be really fun and enjoyable for your guests. If you own a bar and want to provide your customers with something different from the usual fare, then you may consider adding fire glass to the gas logs used in the fireplace and exposed piping.

Fire glass pieces look absolutely radiant and they can turn even the drabbest of fireplaces or fire pits into something very interesting, which your guests will want to take a second look at. These radiant pieces of glass are a center of attraction no matter where you place them; they are also an excellent conversation starter.Fire glass from American Fireglass is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is made from tempered glass and capable of withstanding high temperatures. It doesn’t lose its color, shine or shape, even at extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the fire glass does not emit any ash, smoke or toxic fumes and requires very little maintenance. The fire glass is just perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in propane fires and natural fires. It can be added to your fireplace, fire pit or to an aquarium.

How to choose the best looking American Fire Glass for your fireplace or fire pit?
There are so many different styles and varieties of fire glass made by American Fire Glass. Each of the styles and types of fire glass adds style and panache to your fireplace and makes it more efficient for the fire pit to be lit up. These are special types of fire glass which are tempered so that they can maintain their unique fire-like appearance for a longer duration of time and provide you with a particularly long-lasting performance. They make your outdoor fireplace or fire pit really stand out and appear really attractive. The best fire glass is made from a special glass which is exposed to complex thermal and chemical procedures which make the fire glass much stronger than other types of glass that are commonly available. Moreover, the fire glass is stained with many different colors, so that you will get a flame of a unique color every time. When choosing a fire glass of the best look, pay attention to the color, finish and the quality of the tempered glass. There are so many special types of fire glass available on the market and it’s not so easy to choose just one of the many options that are available. You may want to have a look first at the different fire glasses made by American Fireglass.

When it comes to keeping your grates, burners, and inner grill cabinet clean, the first step is to understand the material in which they are made from and use the appropriate tools and techniques so you do not cause any damage. The good news is that keeping your grill clean can be done with relatively little effort if you clean after each use.


Most grates are made from iron, stainless steel, or porcelain with each type having its own unique set of tools and techniques for cleaning. However, one simple method that works on all three and does not require scrubbing is the following;

  • Mix 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of baking soda
  • Put mixture into a garbage bag
  • Put the grates in the garbage bag, seal, and let it sit overnight
  • Remover the grates the next day and rinse them off with water
  • Pat dry

If you do this after each use, you can keep your grates clean and will rarely have to scrub. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the appropriate brush for the material that the grates are crafted from and follow the instructions.


If you are noticing that the burners are not cooking your food evenly or properly, you may need to clean the burner itself. For gas and propane burners, you will need to shut off and separate them from the gas so they will be ready to clean.

Next, use a burner cleaning rod, which is a device that is specially made to brush out the debris buildup along the burner tube. It’s a slow process, but you will need to clean each hole in the tube so that the gas can properly flow. Afterwards, use a wire-brush to scrub the outside of the burner to remove all the food debris and buildup.

Inner Grill Cabinet

Cleaning out the cabinet is usually the last step before wiping down the outside of your grill. You will need to empty the cabinet and clean all the parts separately first. Then, use the appropriate cleaners and tools that will remove the debris without scratching the material. A mixture of vinegar and water, just like you used to clean the grill can be put into a spray bottle to cover the inside of the cabinet before cleaning.


Here are a few tips that will help you in keeping your grill clean and looking like new, even if you use it frequently.

  • Porcelain grills are quite delicate, so be sure that you use brushes that are soft and do not scratch the material.
  • Clean after every use and wipe down the outside last so that it takes away whatever remaining grease or debris is left.
  • After cleaning, open your grill and let it dry out so that the moisture does not settle on metal parts which might cause rust to form.
  • Keep all your cleaning products in a kit and set it near the grill so they can be used after you are finished grilling

All it takes is a few minutes of cleaning after you have completed cooking to keep your grill looking new. A little work after each use goes a long way towards protecting your investment.

When it comes to firing up the grill, there are plenty of cool and interesting facts that make cooking outdoors so unique and enjoyable. Here are just a few of the many grilling facts that you might find surprising or perhaps not depending on how much you enjoy cooking food on your grill.

Hamburgers are the Most Popular Food for Grilling

The ever-popular hamburger is easily the most popular food on the BBQ. It’s easy, quick, and quite tasty when cooked on the right grill. Next in line is steak, followed by hot dogs and chicken. Potatoes are the most popular of side dishes that are prepared on grills. Of course, there are many different meals that can be prepared on the grill, but these favorites are still on top.

48% of Grill Owners Use Their Grills the Year-Round

According to the HPBA 2012 survey, almost half of grill owners will fire up their grill any day of the year. This means they do not limit themselves to the summer months and 33% will use their grill even when it is below freezing outside. Stay warm, winter grill enthusiasts!

First President

George Washington kept track of his activities during his lifetime and he wrote of attending a barbecue in 1769, well before the American Revolution took place. While Washington did misspell the word “barbecue”, there is little doubt to what he meant.

July 4th is the Most Popular Day to BBQ

It’s probably not surprising that the 4th of July is the most popular day to fire up the grill. In fact, nearly 71% of those surveyed said that Independence Day was the their most popular. Coming in second is Memorial Day and Labor Day is close behind in third place. Canada Day is the most popular for BBQ in the great nation of Canada.

Long-Handled Tongs are the Most Popular BBQ Utensil

While it might be the stylish design or easy handling of the food, the popularity of long-handled tongs is most likely because they keep your hands away from the heat of the grill. Of the many other utensils that are used, forks are next in line probably because they are plentiful and handy while long-handled spatulas arrive in third place.

May 16th

While July 4th is the most popular day for lighting up the barbeque, May 16th is officially recognized as “National Barbeque Day”. Both May 16th and July 4th are recognized as National Barbeque Days.

Origin of the Name Barbeque

While the name barbeque comes from the Spanish word, “barbacoa”, there is no definitive source on where the actual word originated. One of the leading theories is that it comes from the Taino people who live in the Caribbean in which the name means a “framework of sticks on posts”. However, there is some dispute to this theory, so no one really knows where the name came from for sure.

There are many cool grilling facts about this incredible tradition that keeps going the year-round in all sorts of conditions.


Outdoor fireplaces have really taken the concept of outdoor entertainment to a whole new level. Who knew that we could recreate a camping-like ambience in the privacy of our home without the aid of fireplaces? Although these are primarily used during winters, they are universal and can be utilized throughout the year for parties, reunions, or some one-on-one time with your loved one.

Why opt for an outdoor gas fireplace?
A gas fireplace perfect way to beat the chill of the winter or sit around it with friends reminiscing about old times! The gas-powered fireplaces have been subjected to quite a bit of comparison with a wood burning one, but it is much better because of the following reasons:

  • A gas burning fireplace eliminates the accumulation of smoke, debris, and ashes. Stray particles might cause fatal accident at times and the smoke released from wood fires can contaminate the quality of air. This is a huge risk, especially if children or pets are sitting around the fire.
  • You can easily adjust the intensity of a gas fire – regulate the light, heat, and flames as per your convenience.
  • Gas models can be ignited with a switch, whereas you need to keep a steady supply of logs in order to keep a wood burning fireplace going. Moreover, the logs have to be kept dry as wet or damp wood doesn’t ignite.
  • A gas fireplace is not messy nor does it leave soot behind when you turn it off. Thus it doesn’t require much cleaning and maintenance.
  • The operational costs of gas fireplaces are quite reasonable as compared to most kinds of fuel.

Cost isn’t a factor
An outdoor fireplace is not only functional but enhances the aesthetic appeal as well – the flames providing the only source of light creates a great backdrop during evenings. You can get them at affordable rates, but don’t compromise on the quality even if you have to pay a bit more. Think about it in this way – setting up a gas fireplace outdoors is essentially consolidating two furniture pieces into one, so you stand to benefit enormously by the whole deal.

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to outdoor fireplace ideas. It is advisable to select from collections in online retail stores as they are cheaper than those available in brick-and-mortar outlets. Moreover, it is easier to compare the different features and styles on the Internet.

Most people who are new to barbecuing and grilling run into some problems along the way. Eventually, as you make mistakes you learn quite quickly how to grill and what not to do as well.

 What should be done before throwing the meat on the grill?
Before you start cooking, it is always a good idea to spray the area you plan to cook on with a nonstick cooking spray. You don’t want the meat to stick to the grill when you are trying to flip it or take it off the grill. There is a lot that you lose when the meat tears. You will see juices pouring out and it can make the meat dry out. Before you put any of the food on the grill, you have to ensure that the grill is the right temperature. The reason for this is that fluctuations in temperature may cause the food to burn or dry out. If you are using a charcoal grill; make sure that coals are grey before putting your meat on the grill. This makes sure that the temperature is consistent and most of the lighter fluid has burned off.

 Tips to remember while grilling:

  • Don’t ever try to cook meat when it is still frozen to any degree. You should thaw the meat out by letting it sit out for 12 to 24 hours before cooking it. Another way involves throwing it in the microwave. If the meat you plan to cook is not frozen and in the refrigerator, then just take it out and let it get to room temperature.
  • Don’t place cooked meat on the same plate that it was on when raw. Doing something like this could cause people to get sick. Of course, the same thing applies when using utensils.
  • While cooking your meat, don’t poke holes in it. Some think it makes the meat more tender, but what it does is allow the juices to drain out. This is a good way to ruin your grill while making your food dry at the same time.
  • Leave the grill lid shut for as long as you can after putting the meat on the grill. Every time that you open the grill, you change the temperature that the food is cooking at. The airflow can also work to dry out the meat.
  • Higher heat doesn’t always mean better results. It might cause the food to burn and dry out.

It is necessary to keep these pointers in mind before you throw the meat on the grill, as it will help to improve your cooking skills.